Jun 2,2014

Things are moving pretty fast.
I’m focused and ready for it all!

Stay tuned for whats the come! 



May 28,2014
Nothing happens over night.
It takes hard work and dedication
so trust the Process.

RoroTv – Episode 2 – The Process
Video Link

May 25,2014

ROROTV エピソード2 「ザ・プロセス」異国日本での音楽活動背景をアメリカンレコーディングアーティストと­して紹介するROROTV Ep.2はプロセス。今まで歩んできた長い道のりの中、一つ一つ登り上がってきたステ­ップは確実にゴールに近づいていく。「ロード・トゥー・サクセス」(成功への道)へと­繋がるプロセスの一部シーンを公開!

RoroTV- Episode 2- The Process
In this episode I will show my process and how I work here in Japan as a American Recording Artist. I’ve been on this journey for a long time but every step gets me closer to my goal so, These are scenes of the many processes I go through on this “Road to success”. I hope you all watch and Enjoy!

May 25,2014


国際的に活動している日本人7人組みヒップホップダンスアーティストB.B.B(Beat body boi)が6月4日にリリースする最新アルバム「Lifestyles of the D.M.L/ 」の収録曲「Clap your hands!Everybody~もう無理ッス、すいません~」に今回Rapperとして参加しました。最近ではBusta RhymesともコラボしているB.B.B!最新アルバムぜひチェックしてくれ!

6月4日 Lifestyles of the D.M.L/アルバム&mora&itunes販売開始(RAP参加収録曲:Clap your hands!Everybody~もう無理ッス、すいません~)

B.B.B Official HP

I recently worked with the Japanese Hiphop dance Crews, BBB (Beat Buddy Boi) on their new album “Lifestyles of the D.M.L”. They are one of Japan’s biggest Dance crews and I will be featured on their album along with Major recording artist, Busta Rhymes! Me and Busta Rhymes are the only 2 american artist on this album so it’s a great mixture of both Japanese and American style Hiphop. The song i worked on is called “Clap your hands!Everybody”. Their album will be released next month on June 4th so i hope you all check it out! 

May 25,2014

Work Hard, But always take time out to #EnjoyLife 

May 19,2014

Risa and I  with Legendary Jazz Musician Terumasa Hino and Kenji JINO Hino(ジーノ)in Tokyo! Its always fun to see and perform with them. Great Musicians and great people! 

#Inspired #MusicLife

May 19,2014


If you are following me on social media then you know that i traveled from Fukuoka to Tokyo. Even though it was mainly for business it was sooo fun! I partied hard, Got a chance to cruise the city with my film Director friend, Perform with Legends, Caught up with old friends and to top it all off, All my meeting were successful! These are just a couple of pictures from my trip. I’m definitely going to visit more often! 

Performance Recap

May 5,2014

Pictures from our Hakata Dontaku perform yesterday. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us. Festival Fun! (ノ´∀`*)

Apr 28,2014

「Himuka Music Camp Festival 2014」
そして、GW最終日の5月4日には福岡「博多どんたく」新天町ステージにて夕方パフォーマンスします!ぜひ遊びに来てくださいね!詳細は後程UPしま~す♪ Pictures from me and Roro’s performance at the “Himuka Music Camp Festival 2014” in Miyazaki this weekend. We are happy that the first day of golden week was filled with fun, nature and Music. Thanks to all for the hospitality and support. We had a great time!

Apr 22,2014

Event Info:

今週土曜日はRisaと宮崎で開催される野外イベント「HIMUKA MUSIC CAMP FESTIVAL2014」にてパフォーマンス!

This saturday Risa and I will be performing at a big outside event, “Himuka Music Camp festival 2014” in Miyazaki, Japan. We have a great set planned for everyone so I can’t wait to perform for you all! Its going to be a fun event.Tanoshimida! #Japan #Musiclife #Festival #Singer #Hiphop #Roromusic

Apr 8,2014

A Humbling and Life changing experience!

今日は音楽博物館で音楽鑑賞に出かけた,sp, lp20.000枚にその他歴史的音楽器材が集まる音楽の宝庫から感じたものは音楽や音楽器材に対しての新な感謝の気持ちだった!!
I Went to the music museum recently. This place has over 20,000 vintage vinyls and lots of old equipment. Its amazing how far Music and technology has come. These type of experiences makes me appreciate music as an art form more.
#inspired #Musiclife #Japan #history Exclusive Interview!

Mar 31,2014

My exclusive interview with got released today!
They’re Japan’s biggest dance music portable site. Check it out! ->

Performance Recap

Mar 24,2014


昨日のパフォーマンス写真!I had fun performing With @Risakumon last night. Thank you all for the support! 

Mar 19,2014

[Event Info]
2014.3.23(日) 天神親富孝にあるVoodoo Loungeにて九州のダンサーが集まるダンスグランドチャンピョンファイナルステージにてゲストパフォーマンス出演します。出演は夕方6時過ぎごろ予定!! 
I will be the special guest artist performing this Sunday at Voodoo Lounge for the Grand champion final stage, Head Hunter solo battle. A lot of ppl from all parts of Kyushu will be there so you definitely don’t want to miss it. See you all there! 
#Fukuoka #Japan #Hiphop #Dance #Roromusic

Radio Interview Recap:

Mar 16,2014

FMKITAQにて二時間番組に出演してきました~( ´∀`)/~~聞いてくださった皆さんありがとうございました(ノ´∀`*)☆
Thank you all for tuning in!

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