Roro x Risa Radio Exclusive Radio Interview [Fm Naha]

Jul 27,2014


Jul 27,2014

Tokyo Fitting recap: Fitting at some of my event sponsores.Looking forward to my album release party! More details coming soon! 

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Jul 25,2014

Tokyo Recap:  interviews, One for my Album Release and the other for television station Tv Tokyo. Appearances, Dinner meeting, and more. Fun, But Busy week.

Jul 25,2014

They gave Risa and I a bouquet of flowers after my Surprise guest appearance in Risa’s performance last night. Thank you very much!


Album Release Announcement!

Jul 10,2014
My 1st Album “Road To Success” will officially be IN STORES on August 6!
I been working on this project for 2 years now. I could have released a quick mixtape or just put anything out but i wanted to take my time and wait until the time was right. I want to thank everyone that was apart of putting this project together. Whether it be support from My label, Friends, Family, Engineers, Directors, Photographers, Graphic designers and just anyone who supported my music and believed in me. I really appreciate your support! Official Album Artwork coming soon!




Jul 7,2014

[Okinawa Recap]

Recap Photos from one of my Mc Performance at Okinawa’s newest party spot, Club Kingdom. More things to come. 
Stay Tuned! 


今月沖縄のブランニューパーティースポット「Club KINGDOM(クラブキングダム)」でのMCパフォーマンス背景!沖縄はみんな熱かった!!まだまだこれから色んな情報を配信していきます!ステイチューン!

Jul 1,2014


Risa and I had a radio interview with FM Naha in Okinawa, Japan today. Great interview, Thank you!

Stay up to date with me.

Jun 26,2014

Jun 26,2014

Things fall into place when you consistently
work hard and stay focused. #KeepGoing

New Feature

Jun 18,2014

BBBのNewアルバムインストア販売中!日本でもトップクラスのHiphopダンスチームBBBのアルバムではバスタライムスや他豪華アーティスト、そして自分もフューチャーしています!みんなサポートよろしく!その他のプロジェクトもカミングスーン!BBB new album is now in stores . They’re one of the best Hip Hop dance teams in japan and I’m featured on the album along with Busta Rhymes and more. Go out and support! More things coming soon!

Happy Fathers Day

Jun 18,2014


写真:左 父 右 自分
Happy Fathers Day to my Dad and fathers worldwide. 
In the left picture it’s my dad on stage rocking the crowd in the early 90’s and in the picture on the right it’s me about 20 years later on stage doing the same thing. Thanks for inspiring me to do what I do today! 
#LikeFatherLikeSon #HappyFathersDay #MusicLife

Jun 12,2014

My friend took me to a Music Museum and I got a chance to meet the owner. He use to make very popular speakers that got picked up by JVC and a couple of other big companies. Now he’s retired but he paints, engineers and owns a couple music places. He inspired me and showed that it’s never to late to do what you love and go for your dreams. Thanks for the great words! 
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Jun 10,2014

エンジョイ ユア ライフ
Enjoy Your Life.

Jun 8,2014

S/O to my friend for making us feel at home in Kumamoto. 
I had a good time. 

Throw Back

Jun 7,2014


I played tenor saxophone in middle school. I had a vision from the start. 

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