Aug 22,2014

Thanks to Bobby for the Great interview at LoveFm. Also, S/O to everyone that tuned in! Now heading to Kokura for me and Risa’s other interview tonight at FMKITAQ.

Aug 21,2014

[Proper PracticeMakesPerfect]

In the studio perfecting my show and prepping for my Album Release party on the 31st in Shibuya, Tokyo. You can get your tickets anywhere through out Japan. E-plus ticket Link->

Aug 20,2014

Radio Show Recap:

Today I went to KBC Television network for my exclusive Radio interview from television host, Keisuke Miyamoto from Asa Desu morning show. The interview is scheduled to air this Sunday on his other show “All Night KBC” so I hope you all tune in! It’s a great interview. More info coming soon.

Aug 20,2014

Repost from risakumon

今週から東京の街頭ビジョンでも私がフューチャリングしている作品の一曲”Doesn’t mean I’m lost”のリリース&リリースライブCMが放送されています!渋谷、新橋、秋葉原のビジョンで毎時プレイ中!東京のみなさんはぜひチェックして下さいね!!


Our management sent me pictures of Roro’s new video featuring me being 
played on many billboard video screen throughout Tokyo. The video is being played in many places but If you haven’t got a chance to check it out you can watch it here.
You can also get your tickets for Roro’s release party in Shibuya, Tokyo
here ->

Aug 19,2014

アルバムリリースパーティー1st福岡, 2nd大阪, 3rd熊本とみんなのおかげで順調に開催され、遂に4thとなるメインリリースパーティ@渋谷GLADin東京が次8月31日に開催!!
My 1st(Fukuoka), 2nd(Osaka) and 3rd(Kumamoto) release parties were great! Now getting ready for my 4th release party on August 31st at Glad in Shibuya, Tokyo. You can purchase your tickets via Eplus which is sold online, from your mobile phone, Connivence stores and everywhere E-plus tickets are sold throughout Japan. Looking forward to giving you all a great show! E-plus ticket Link Below—>

Aug 19,2014

Recap From My 3rd release party in Kumamoto! 


S/O to my ppl that came from fukuoka and Nagasaki to support Risa and I. Really appreciate it!  

Aug 12,2014

Recap Photo’s from From My 2nd album release party in Osaka, Japan.

[Tower Records Signing] Shibuya, Tokyo

Aug 11,2014




マイアルバム「Road To Successthe」はタワーレコード取扱中!今日はタワレコ渋谷店に行ってタグメッセージとサイン、渋谷リリースパーティーフライヤーを残してきたよ!みんな買いに来てね!!近くに取り扱い店舗がない時はタワレコオンラインショップからオーダー
Went to Tower Records in Shibuya, 
Tokyo today to sign my autograph, and leave a little msg for People buying my CD. Check it out in stores or by Ordering it! 
Links below.

Physical copy: 

Tower Records:


Digital Copy: 


Aug 11,2014

マイミュージックビデオ・オン・ザ・スクリーンズ!! in 福岡天神街
Clips from My official music video is being played on alot of the 
billboard video screen in Tenjin, Fukuoka. Album now in stores!!

Aug 11,2014

My full music video is finally out! I hope my message gets through 
and inspires someone like i was inspired 
when i first decided to write and produce music. S/O to everyone who was apart of putting this video together. I really appreciate your time and support!

アルバム「Road To Succss」収録曲
“ダズント・ミーン・アイム・ロスト" ーまだ負けと決まったわけではないー "Doesn’t mean I’m lost" RORO feat. RISA KUMON

Aug 11,2014

My song has been playing on the radio. Footage sent to me by my friend. S/O to all the stations that’s playing my song. I appreciate the support! New video dropping this week! 

Aug 9,2014

My Album is now in stores! Last place we stopped in #Kyushu before flying to #tokyo  was #Kawashimo Records in @risakumon hometown. I was happy to see most of my cd’s were almost sold out! Thank you all for the support! 😆👍🎤🎵🎶🎼 

Physical copy: 
Tower Records:

Digital Copy: 

Aug 7,2014

[Roro Album Release commercial play in Tokyo]
Roro’s new video, “Doesn’t Mean I’m Lost” drops tomorrow! 
Also, Roro’s video will be played on many Billboard vision screens in Akihabara, Shinbashi, and Shibuya, Tokyo which is one of the most popular places in Japan. Check out the 15 second commercial for 
Roro’s new music video and Official album release party in Shibuya,Tokyo. Stay Tuned for more news and info on R2 Recordz Artist. -R2
[RORO アルバムリリースCM公開! 
ROROのアルバムリリース&リリースライブ@渋谷GLADのCMが来週月曜日から東京のメインタウンで放送されます!そして!!!!!!!いよいよ待ちに待った、ROROアルバム収録曲「Doesn’t mean I’m lost feat RISA KUMON」のフルミュージックビデオが明日リリース!!みなさんお楽しみに!!!
渋谷MUSEE Channel

[Road To Success] Release party Event

Aug 7,2014

Tomorrow night I’ll be having one of my album Release parties at Pure in Osaka! If you haven’t got a chance to go out and get my cd in stores you can get it tomorrow night! see you all there!

Aug 5,2014


Great event! Thanks to Fifo
and everyone that supported Risa and I 
It was fun!


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