R2 Recordz 2014 Recap!!

Dec 31,2014

It’s New Years eve so this is a recap from some of me and Risa’s moments in 2014! Thank you to all that continue to support us! We look forward to all the great things we have planned for 2015!!

New Radio Show Announcement!! R2 Radio!!

Dec 30,2014

二つ目のラジオ番組"R2Radio"が来年一月から東京・名古屋InterFMよりRISAとスタート!!!! 福岡LoveFMも平行していくよ!!ステイチューン!!
On jan 5th 2015 I will be starting My 2nd Radio show at the popular station #InterFm in #Tokyo and #Nagoya, Japan. Roro Radio will also still be broadcasting weekly on #loveFm! S/O to everyone that has been supporting me! I Have a lot of great things in the works for 2015! Stay tuned!

Roro x Risa Interview with Mc Ryu at InterFm in Tokyo, Japan

Dec 27,2014

東京インターFMインタビュー写真Up. RISAとMC Ryu!
Photo’s from Me and Risa’s exclusive interview with Mc Ryu at InterFm In Tokyo, Japan earlier today! S/O to everyone that tuned in to listen and thank you Mc Ryu for the great interview!

Dec 23,2014

Be Different and Make a Difference.

Dec 19,2014

Recap from my weekly radio show, Roro Radio. Thanks to all thats been tuning in every week! Keep listening and i will continue to bring you all Hiphop News, views, and anything Hiphop! New announcement coming soon! Stay tuned!

RoroTv Episodes 1-3

Dec 18,2014

ROROTV エピソード3「ロード・トゥ・サクセス」youtubeより配信中!!全エピソード1~3 も下記リンクからチェック!! Check Out all of RoroTv episodes!
More things to come! Links posted below. Check it out! —>

Roro Radio Commercial!

Dec 12,2014

RORO Radio コマーシャルビデオ!オールヒップホップショー「RORO RADIO」毎週金曜日夜7時から福岡LOVEFM76.1Mhzより放送中!!チューンイン!!Roro Radio Commercial! Tune in to Roro Radio tonight every Friday @ 7pm on LoveFm 76.1! HashTag: #RoroRadio 

Dec 11,2014

ROROTV最新エピソード速コマ送りバージョン。日本で活動している国際ミュージシャンとしてその背景をドキュメンタリーに紹介。みんなチェックアウト!!Quick recap of RoroTv’s newest episode. If you haven’t already done so, check out RoroTv ep3- Road To Success. This episode is a short documentary on the process of putting a album together and my life as an international musician in Japan. Check out the official episode Here!—>

Dec 2,2014

Photo’s from one of our event’s 
this past weekend in Tokyo. Fun weekend.

Dec 1,2014

Fun Time in Tokyo! Performances, parties, meeting and just fun. 

Nov 29,2014

「woofin’」マガジン12月号!チ ェックアウト マイインタビュー If you haven’t already done so, Check out my exclusive interview in woofin magazine. Available In stores everywhere. I been working on a couple of big projects. More things to come!

Nov 28,2014

Tune into Roro Radio every Friday @ 7pm on LoveFm 76.1 where we discuss Hiphop News, Views, and anything HipHop! Tune In! 

Nov 19,2014

RoroTv- Episode 3- Road To Success 
I showed you the Beginning and the process with the first two episodes. Now I present the Road to success with episode 3. In this episode, I take you behind the scenes and show you the preparation taken as an international Artist when creating a project. It has translation in english and Japanese! Check it out!


Roro Radio Schedule in Ep Magazine!

Nov 14,2014

My Radio schedule will be E.P magazine every month. This magazine is a Nishitetsu Tenjin Fukuoka info magazine. Tune into #RoroRadio every friday at 7pm on LoveFm 76.1

Nov 11,2014

Yesterday was the first broadcasting of my new Hiphop radio show, RORO Radio. Thank you all for listening! Tune in to Roro Radio every Friday at 7pm on loveFm 76.1マイラジオショー”RORORADIO”第一回目昨日放送!この番組はHiphopを中心に歴史やカルチャーについても取り上げていくよ!番組へみんなからのメッセージや質問を送ってね!宛先は 「RORO RADIO」まで。次回放送は来週14日(金)19時から!お楽しみに!ステイチューン!!

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