Apr 27,2018

We excited to announce that R2 Radio is partnering up with the legendary Hip-Hop group, The Pharcyde to bring our Radio shows to their new network, Pharcyde TV. We will be showing New exclusive interviews along with some never before seen ones and more! We are happy to expand the R2 Radio brand and look forward to bringing some of the hottest content from Japan to the world. Stay tuned for an official release date in May!

レジェンドHiphopグループ”The Pharcyde”の新しいネットワーク”PHARCYDE TV”にてR2RADIOがビデオ番組となって2018年5月に放送開始決定! 独占インタビューや音楽、カルチャーなどを日本から世界へ配信していきます 初放送の日程もカミングスーン!ぜひ下記のリンクからUPDATEをチェックしてね!★R2RADIOは「音楽、カルチャー、国際エンタメ」に興味があるあなたに是非見て欲しいバイリンガルショー!ビデオ放送だから、日本語字幕付きで内容が更にわかりやすくなりました!!

Twitter: R2_RADIO
Instagram: R2RADIO


Pharcyde TV HP:


Sep 28,2017

中洲ジャズRISAのステージにサプライズゲストとして参戦!会場は大盛り上がりで楽しい週末だった!Fun weekend performing At the Nakasu Jazz festival. S/o to Risa for bring me out as a surprise guest. The crowd was hype. 😄🎤🎶




Sep 28,2017

Got a chance to perform at the 13th annual sasebo seaside festival. Fun time and great festival.

Lovefm76.1 Interview

Sep 28,2017

Recap from me and Risa’s radio Interview with love fm.
Dope to catch up with them about our newest projects. Stay tuned for more interviews!


Performance Recap: Fukuoka Asia Collection

Apr 2,2017

Recap from me & Risa’s performance at Fukuoka Asia collection. Thanks for the support! will soon announce when the performance will air on Tv. 😃✌️

New Official Spotify Page

Mar 30,2017

NewオフィシャルSpotifyページ!”RORO”で検索してフォローしてね♫😃🎶 New official Spotify Artist page. Search RORO & Follow. 📱🎧🎶 


New Project in the works!

Mar 29,2017

ゴールへの鍵の一つはチームワーク Teamwork makes the dream work.

My Look @ FACo

Mar 19,2017

A couple behind the scenes photos from my look at Fukuoka Asia Collection. Had a great time performing.

Radio Recap: Lovefm76.1Mhz

Mar 9,2017

LOVEFM生放送を聴いて頂いた皆様ありがとうございます🌸そしていつもサポートしてくださるLOVEの皆様ありがとうございます( ^∀^)18日FACo楽しみにしていて下さいね(о´∀`о) Thanks to all that tuned in to listen to me and Roro’s live satellite studio interview last night at Lovefm76.1Mhz! I’m looking forward to the show on the 18th! -Risa

Performance News

Mar 8,2017

今月18日に福岡アジアコレクション2017 FACOにRISAと出演するよ!詳細カミングスーン♫ I’ll be performing with Risa Kumon for this years Faco fashion show(Fukuoka Asian collection). Faco is one of Kyushu biggest fashions shows so I’m looking forward to bringing you all the most exciting and memorable shows possible! More info coming soon!

Show Recap: Fukuoka

Dec 25,2016

RISAとのパフォーマンス盛り上がったよー!やっぱりライブバンドはいいね!Fun and hype show with Risa Kumon. Love performing with a Live band.🎹🎻🎷🔊

Radio Recap: Nagasaki Fm79.5mhz

Dec 22,2016

Recap from me and Risa’s exclusive interview at Nagasaki Fm!
Thanks to everyone that continue to listen and tune in to our shows and Radio interviews!

New Release Feature : Risa Kumon Christmas Covers

Dec 1,2016

RISAがクリスマスカバーソングを全国デジタルリリース!収録曲のThis Christmasをプロデュースしました!
We are working on Risa Kumon newest album but on our downtime we put together a small Christmas cover project for you all. I’m featured on one of the songs and also produced the project. Check it out, share and let me know what you think. If you like it, Rate or review it in your preferred digital platform. Enjoy! 😀🔊🎶


Christmas Covers Commercial [CM]

[クリスマス・カバーズCM]只今、配信中の"クリスマスカバーズ"のCMビデオをUP♪(*゚∀゚*)🎶PRして下さっているメディアやラジオ局、早速ダウンロードしてくれたみなさん、沢山のサポートありがとうございます!もし、今からチェックされるという方は是非CMビデオでソングリストをチェックしてみてね♪(о´∀`о)⭐🌲⭐This is the Commercial for my Christmas Covers EP! Thanks to all the people, media and stations that's been supporting, playing and Downloading the songs from my covers EP! If you haven't listened or downloaded it yet, please do! Let's all get in the Christmas Spirit! 🎶🎶🎅🌲🎶🎶 LINKS BELOW—>[ITUNES]:[AMAZON]:

Posted by Risa Kumon Ramsey on Monday, 19 December 2016

De La Soul x Roro x Risa Kumon

Oct 20,2016

Got invited to see the legendary De La Soul in Tokyo. They released a dope new album recently and its great to see that they still kept to their signature sound and didn’t try to do whats considered trendy today. They’ve been together as a group reppin hiphop for 30 straight years! #Longevity is def a major 🔑! 昨夜、De La Soulの来日公演に招待頂き、ビルボードライブ東京へ行ってきました!新しいアルバムもリリースされ、30年間HIPHOPの象徴として活動を続けていること、トレンドに惑わされず変わらぬ彼らのシグニチャーサウンドを奏で続けていること、とても素晴らしい!

Radio Promo Recap: Fm Fukuoka 80.7mhz

Oct 7,2016

Thanks to all that tuned in and listened to @risakumon & I on the Radio last night! This is just some behind the scenes clips from it. So much stuff in the works with the team. Stay tuned.スタジオ収録背景動画UP! 昨日のFMFUKUOKA放送を聞いてくれたリスナーのみんなありがとう! 🎤🔊📻

昨日のFMFUKUOKA放送をお聞き頂いた皆様ありがとうございました!ちょぴっとですが収録背景をUP~♡Thanks to all that tuned in and listened to Roro & I on the Radio last night! This is just some behind the scenes clips from the Radio Rec. So much stuff in the works. Stay tuned. 󾠀 󾠃 󾠟

Posted by Risa Kumon Ramsey on Wednesday, 12 October 2016

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