LoveFm76.1 Golden Week Special W/Roro Feat Risa Kumon

May 2,2015

福岡LOVEFM76.1Mhz「G.Wスペシャル企画放送」″Golden Hits″でラプフェスでステージパフォーマンスライブ放送をフィードバック付きでリキャップ放送決定!!ステイチューン!!
I will be apart of the golden week special on love fm76.1 where they will be recapping the loveFm Radio Festival, getting my feedback and also re playing my live performances featuring Risa Kumon on air. It will air
Check out the link below for more info. –>
Station numbers and locations ->
LoveFm76.1Mhz! [Fukuoka・Nagasaki・Kumamoto・Saga・Oita(76.1MHz) Fukuoka Nishi(82.5Mhz)Yamaguchi・Kitakyushu(82.7MHz)]

Apr 30,2015

[Event Recap]

Recap: Risa and I were special guest performers for the golden week fashion show for the Beauty March’e event. Entertaining event!

Road To Success in more Stores!

Apr 23,2015

アルバム"Road to Success"店舗再入荷!チェックアウト!My album Been getting added & requested in more stores! Check it out! –>

Apr 22,2015

[Custom Roro Music gift] 

First gift is a morning cappuccino made special for me and the 2nd picture is custom Roro Music Shimazori (sandals) made special from Okinawa. I Guess that’s just the perks of being a artist. [^_^]

Next Event

Apr 21,2015

Repost from R2 Recordz

「Beauty Marche’」@佐世保九十九島ベイサイドホテル&リゾートFLAGS
第2回 Beartyマルシェ~2015年4月29日に開催!!
イベント名:「第2回 Beautyマルシェ」
日時:2015年4月29日(祝) 入場無料‼️
会場:九十九島ベイサイドホテル&リゾート FLAGS
ビューティーブース:10:00~ 約30店舗
ステージパフォーマンス:16:00~ ヘアーショー・ブライダルショー・ランジェリーショー
18:00~ RISA feat. RORO
Risa Kumon & Roro Muzic’s next performance will be on April 29th for the Beauty Marche’ event in Sasebo at the Bay side hotel & Resorts Flags. This is a total beauty event that will brings you a Fashion show that includes Hair, lingerie, and bridal showing and ending with great live music & performances by R2 Artist.
Beauty Booth’s start at 10am and stage performances start at 4pm. Roro and Risa Kumon are expected to perform around 6pm.
Stay tuned for more updates and info on R2 Artist -R2

Apr 20,2015

「東京InterFM76.1Mhz R2RADIOは今夜0時オンエア」No.1インターナショナルHiphopラジオ番組R2RADIOは毎回最新ニュースやトレンド、面白いトピックなどをバイリンガルで放送中!!ステイチューン!! Hyped for tonight’s show!! We have some great topics and music prepared for you all so tune in to the #1 international Hiphop show in Japan, R2 Radio tonight at 12am on InterFm[Tokyo(76.1Mhz)・Yokohama(76.5Mhz)・ Nagoya(79.5MHz)] You can also listen anywhere in Japan by downloading the #Radiko App or visiting the Radiko website ->
R2 Radio Hashtags: #R2RADIO #RORORISA


Apr 19,2015

Apr 15,2015

I work hard, So on my off days i like to travel and have some fun. These are a couple of pictures of some of my travels.


Apr 12,2015

日本でランダムに見つける興味深い物発見!このジャイアントマイクはゴジラとバトルする時に使えそうだ。笑. Always find random and interesting things in Japan, like this huge microphone. Might need this mic to battle Godzilla. Lol #JapanLife

Roro’s #TBT

Apr 9,2015

人生初めてラジオインタビューに出演したのは16歳の頃。月日が経つのは早い。TBT: My very first radio interview when I was 16 yrs old in Orlando, Fl at 102jamz. I Been doing this for a while.

Apr 6,2015

放送準備中!R2RADIO今夜12時から東京InterFM76.5Mhzよりオンエア!チューンイン!Prepping for tonight’s show! Tune in to R2 Radio tonight at 12am on InterFm[Tokyo(76.1Mhz)・Yokohama(76.5Mhz)・ Nagoya(79.5MHz)]You can also listen anywhere in Japan by downloading the Radiko App or visiting the Radiko website ->
R2 Radio Hashtags: #‎R2Radio #‎RoroRisa

Mar 31,2015

夢を追いつづけろ、誰にも邪魔させるな、自分が見えているビジョンは現実になる. Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you. Everything you can imagine is real. 🔊

Mar 27,2015

RORORADIOチームフォト!LOVEFMよりRORORADIOが始まって6か月!今夜はいつもよりスペシャルな特集をしていくよ!! 放送は今夜7時から!チューンイン!!Roro Radio Team prepping for tonight’s show! I been doing Roro Radio with them for 6 month and its been a fun and memorable experience! We have a special show planned for you all tonight so tune in to Roro Radio tonight at 7pm on LoveFm76.1Mhz! [Fukuoka・Nagasaki・Kumamoto・Saga・Oita(76.1MHz) Fukuoka Nishi(82.5Mhz)Yamaguchi・Kitakyushu(82.7MHz)]

Mar 26,2015

When you’re doing what you #love, The work never feels like #work.


Traveling Music Life

Mar 24,2015

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and even though i don’t really like flying, I try to make my time spent on a flights worth it. Traveling is what you make it, So why not make it fun. These are a couple of pictures from my recent travels.

pic 1: Plane Selfie before take off
Pic 2: Making Beats on the plane with Risa
Pic 3: Flew right pass Japan’s highest mountain, Mount Fuji. 

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