Jan 30,2015

Performance Recap! 

Recap from Risa’s Spring Jazz Concerto in Sasebo, Japan. Happy to be apart of it!! Great event!!

Roro Radio Tonight!

Jan 30,2015

今夜19時からROROradioLoveFMより放送!!今夜もエキサイティングなトピックでhiphopについて語っていくよ!リクエストや質問はまで!チューンイン!!Tune into Roro Radio tonight at 7pm on LoveFm 76.1! If you have any questions for me or any Roro Radio co-host just send them over at! Tonight we have some exciting topics so tune in!

Jan 27,2015

SpaceShower Tv Notice!!

オフィシャルミュージックビデオ”ダズントミーンアイムロスト”がスペースシャワーTVより今夜オンエア!!深夜2時から放送されている人気Hiphop番組「Black File」に登場するよ!チェックアウト!!My official music video “Doesn’t mean I’m lost feat Risa Kumon” will be playing on the Japanese tv music channel, Space shower tv! The first airing of the video on this tv station will be tonight on the popular hiphop show [Black File Selection]!! Tune in to space shower tv and watch my music video! Check your cable provider for exact channel. For more info click the link—>

Okinawa, Japan Album Signing in Shintonshin Tsutaya!

Jan 27,2015

沖縄那覇TSUTAYA新都心店にてサインしてきたよ!アルバムRoad to success好評発売&レンタル中!!沖縄のみんな2階のHiphopセクションをチャック!! Visited Tsutaya in Okinawa to do signing for my album “Road To success”! Thank you for the support Shintonshin Tsutaya and thanks to everyone thats been supporting my album and anything I’m doing! “Road To success” Available anywhere music is sold!!!

Jan 26,2015

Performance Recap

With Risa for the performance at the hilton in Okinawa, Japan. Great event!

Jan 25,2015

Okinawa Recap!

I went back to Okinawa for business but couldn’t leave without enjoying everything it has to offer so these are some pictures of my short trip in Okinawa. 

Recording IN Tokyo!

Jan 21,2015

‪#‎Recording‬ in

Jan 20,2015

Television Interview: Behind The Scenes 

Behind the scenes for the television interview with Tvs. The television interview airs on Television Sasebo tonight at 7pm on the Tvs network.Tune in!!

Jan 16,2015

Roro Radio every Friday at 7pm On LoveFm 76.1

Had a meeting at the radio station offices and I got a really good response on my show Roro Radio! Thank you all for continuing to support me and listen. I have a lot of great ideas and plans so i will continue to expand on the show and make it the best that it can be!! Tune into Roro Radio tonight at 7pm on loveFm76.1! Going to have some interesting topic today so I hope you all tune in!


Roro Radio & R2 Radio Info

Jan 13,2015

Catch Risa and I on R2 Radio Every 1st & 3rd Monday at 12am on Interfm [Tokyo・Yokohama(76.1Mhz) Nagoya(79.5MHz)] Also, Catch us on air every Friday at 7pm on My weekly show RoroRadio on lovefm! [Fukuoka・Nagasaki・Kumamoto・Saga・Oita(76.1MHz) Fukuoka Nishi(82.5Mhz)Yamaguchi・Kitakyushu(82.7MHz)]
RISAと一緒にしているAll Hiphopラジオ番組 ”R2 Radio” 毎月第1、第3月曜日深夜0時よりInterFM76.1Mhzより東京、横浜、名古屋(79.5Mhz)をエリアに放送中!!そして、福岡LOVEFM76.1Mhz福岡・長崎・熊本・佐賀・大分(76.1Mhz)、福岡西(82.5Mhz)、山口・北九州(82.7MHz)エリアでは毎週金曜日夜7時からAll Hiphop番組 ”RORO RADIO”も放送中!Twitterハッシュタグは #RORORadio, #RORORISA #R2Radio を付けてコメントやリクエストしてね!

Jan 12,2015

Performance Recap!

Recap from the performance with Risa and Dj Spy for a major company new year party and awards ceremony. I always enjoy rocking a crowd! Fun event!

Roro Radio Special Guest: Dj Spy!

Jan 11,2015

Recap from Last nights show with Special guest Dj,Dj Spy from Los Angeles California! We talked about west coast music, History and how things were growing up for him in the west coast! It was a great interview! S/O to those who tuned in. For those who missed it, Stay tuned for Audio! 

Jan 8,2015

Tokyo Photo shoot!

写真撮影 📷👸
With Risa yesterday. Stay Tuned!

R2 Radio 1st Show Recap.

Jan 6,2015

I got a really good response from the first broadcasting of R2 Radio on InterFm76.1! S/O to everyone that tuned in! Keep listening and don’t forget to Hashtag #RoroRisa 第一回目みんなの岡家で好評でだったよ!R2RADIOを聞いてくれたみんなありがとう!

Jan 1,2015

New Year in Japan! 

Happy New Year to all! Did Hatsumode, It’s Japanese tradition to go to the shrine on the New Year.

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