Apr 6,2015

放送準備中!R2RADIO今夜12時から東京InterFM76.5Mhzよりオンエア!チューンイン!Prepping for tonight’s show! Tune in to R2 Radio tonight at 12am on InterFm[Tokyo(76.1Mhz)・Yokohama(76.5Mhz)・ Nagoya(79.5MHz)]You can also listen anywhere in Japan by downloading the Radiko App or visiting the Radiko website ->
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Mar 31,2015

夢を追いつづけろ、誰にも邪魔させるな、自分が見えているビジョンは現実になる. Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you. Everything you can imagine is real. 🔊

Mar 27,2015

RORORADIOチームフォト!LOVEFMよりRORORADIOが始まって6か月!今夜はいつもよりスペシャルな特集をしていくよ!! 放送は今夜7時から!チューンイン!!Roro Radio Team prepping for tonight’s show! I been doing Roro Radio with them for 6 month and its been a fun and memorable experience! We have a special show planned for you all tonight so tune in to Roro Radio tonight at 7pm on LoveFm76.1Mhz! [Fukuoka・Nagasaki・Kumamoto・Saga・Oita(76.1MHz) Fukuoka Nishi(82.5Mhz)Yamaguchi・Kitakyushu(82.7MHz)]

Mar 26,2015

When you’re doing what you #love, The work never feels like #work.


Traveling Music Life

Mar 24,2015

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and even though i don’t really like flying, I try to make my time spent on a flights worth it. Traveling is what you make it, So why not make it fun. These are a couple of pictures from my recent travels.

pic 1: Plane Selfie before take off
Pic 2: Making Beats on the plane with Risa
Pic 3: Flew right pass Japan’s highest mountain, Mount Fuji. 

Mar 20,2015

[RORORADIO Ep.20今夜7時放送]
毎週金曜日に福岡LOVEFM76.1Mhzから放送中のAll Hiphop番組”RORORADIO”はバイリンガルシンガーRISAとCo-host AIと一緒に音楽やアメリカンカルチャー、ヒストリー、スラングなどを紹介!
今週のRORORADIOエピソード#20のトピックは「Top5 Song about CAR!!」(車にまつわるHIPHOP SONGトップ5)アメ車や、ローライダー、マスタングなど車好きの人にも必見!TOP5と共に車と音楽に関係するエピソードもあり!今思い浮かぶ車ソングがもしかしたらTOP5の中に入っているかも!?RORORADIOは今夜7時から放送!!!ステイチューン!!! Today marks the 20th RORO RADIO Show so we will celebrate it by bringing you more exciting and interesting topics! This week on Roro Radio we will be discussing the automobile industry and the big impact it has had over the years in the Hiphop culture. We are going to have some great discussions, answer some questions and have a count down where we play the top Hiphop songs about cars! We have an exciting show lined up for you all tonight so tune in to RORO RADIO at 7pm tonight on LoveFm! Station numbers and locations listed below. [Fukuoka・Nagasaki・Kumamoto・Saga・Oita(76.1MHz) Fukuoka Nishi(82.5Mhz)Yamaguchi・Kitakyushu(82.7MHz)]
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Mar 19,2015

This is a Clip of My Music video feat risakumon being featuring on one of the biggest video billboard screens in Japan. Many great things has been happening with my music and I’m just grateful for it all. Thank you all that continue to support and believe in our vision! Stay tuned for more things to come!
ミュージックビデオ東京街頭ビジョンクリップ!RISA KUMONとフューチャリングしているヒットシングル”Doesnt mean Im lost”のMVを街頭公開!いつもサポートしてくれているみんなに感謝!ありがとう!最新情報カミングスーン!! 

[R2 RADIO Special Guest Shing02]

Mar 16,2015

[R2RADIO Special Guest Shing02]
Tonight on R2 Radio we have special guest artist Shing02 on air with us! Shing02 has worked with the late great japanese producer, nujabes on the luv(sic) Tracks and other tracks like “Battle Cry” that became the theme song for popular animated show “Samurai Champloo” He’s a great Hiphop artist and it was nice to sit with him and discuss his story, thoughts and views on HipHop! Tune in to R2 Radio tonight at 12am on InterFm[Tokyo(76.1Mhz)・Yokohama(76.5Mhz)・ Nagoya(79.5MHz)]
You can also listen anywhere in Japan by downloading the Radiko App or visiting the Radiko website ->
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Mar 16,2015

[LoveFM フェスティバル2015 リキャップ]Loveフェス生放送ライブ一緒に盛り上げてくれたみんなありがとう!! LoveFm Radio festival 2015: Recap from yesterday’s lovefes event. Great event! Thanks to all the people that came out and supported me and Risa! We really appreciate your support! I had a lot of fun performing and doing the interview after!

Roro Next Event Info

Feb 19,2015

今春、LOVE FM FESTIVAL 2015 3月4日(土)に出演決定!フードテントありの入場料無料!遊びに来てね!
I will be performing this year at the loveFm festival next month on the 4th (¾)! The first time lovefm did this event around 30,000 people showed up and the number has been growing ever since! I’m excited and look forward to being apart of this event. Check below for more info.
◆時間:11:00~21:00 (3/14)、11:00~19:00 (3/15)
◆会場:福岡市役所西側ふれあい広場 (福岡市中央区天神1-8-1 )
初開催で30,000人を動員した昨年に続き、2015年もあのお祭り『LOVE FM FESTIVAL』がやってきます!今年の開催は3月14日(土)・15(日)、なんと2日間!
「世界が集まる、世界を届ける」をテーマに、ラジオ公開生放送、ステージパフォーマンス、DJ1,000人ハイタッチをはじめ、今年初となる「番組コラボ飲食メニューの販売」 など、内容は盛りだくさん。ぜひお楽しみに!
◆(問)092-734-5462(LOVE FM )

Feb 19,2015


Music Video「Doesnt mean Im lost feat. Risa Kumon」スペースシャワーでプレイ中!❗チェックアウト!! Short clip recorded from the tv of my video feat @risakumon being played on SpaceshowerTv. It’s in the rotation and plays regularly on tv so check it out! More things to come. Stay tuned!!

Thank You for your continuous Support!

Feb 8,2015


S/O to all that continue to support and listen to my Radio shows weekly. Thank you, much appreciated!

New RoroTv Coming Soon!

Feb 4,2015

New RoroTv coming soon! If you haven’t seen the previous episodes check them out and see how things are for me as an international Recording Artist/Producer living in Asia. ROROTV新エピソードカミングスーン!アジアでインターナショナルレコーディングアーティストとしてアジアで活動中の背景やストーリーをビデオブログにしたこのROROTVシリーズ!今すぐチェック⇒

[R2 Radio] 3rd Show Broadcasting tonight!

Feb 2,2015

Hiphop好きなあなた!そして、アメリカンカルチャーに興味があるあなたにおすすめ番組です!もちろん私RISAとROROの裏話や情報もあり!本日深夜0時InterFMよりチューンイン!!Me and Roro Muzic 3rd show of R2 Radio will be broadcasting tonight on InterFm! if your interested in an all Hiphop show then i definitely recommend you listen to R2 Radio! we bring you the latest news, music, discussions and also give you sneak preview of some of Me and Roro’s new material! It’s always an exciting show so tune in tonight at 12am on InterFm76.1(Tokyo/Yokohama) InterFm79.5(Nagoya) 

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Music Video"Doesn't Mean I'm Lost" On daily Rotation on SSTV!

Jan 31,2015

オフィシャルミュージックビデオDoesn’t mean im lost スペースシャワーにてオンエア中!! My official video for “Doesn’t mean I’m lost feat Risa” is playing on space shower tv!! Thanks to all for the continuous support! 

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