Last Radio Interview for 2013

Dec 27,2013

Picture from our last interview of 2013. Its been a great year.

Dec 21,2013

Recap from yesterdays interview with LoveFm:

グレイトインタビュー!今日のLoveFMインタビューとても楽しかった!!Dj Sakiko,LoveFM.今日サポートしに来てくださったFreedomの皆さんありがとうございました!!
Great Radio interview today at LoveFm. Thank you Dj Sakiko, LoveFm and our people from Freedom inc for the support. We really appreciate it.

Radio Interview Recap

Dec 15,2013

Pictures from me and Risa’s exclusive interview with Fm KitaQ 87.5MHz in the Kyushu area of Fukuoka! S/o to them and everyone who tuned in and listened. We appreciate your support.

Dec 10,2013

Pictures from one of Me and Risa’s performance. I always have a good time performing.

Roro Feat Risa Kumon- Doesn't mean i'm lost (Download info!)

Dec 5,2013

Roro feat Risa Kumon シングル
“ダズント・ ミーン・アイム・ロスト”~まだ負けと決まったわけではない~

Download my single here –>
S/o to everyone who has already downloaded it. More things to come, stay tuned!

Dec 2,2013

Behind the scenes at NBC television/Radio station yesterday. Risa and I performed for NBC’s special radio event and they filmed the whole thing! These are a couple of pictures i took during soundcheck.

Performance Recap

Nov 26,2013

先週の日曜日パフォーマンス後のバックステージ中洲ゲイツDj Koo & 侍ポーラーズ!Backstage @Nakasu gates with Dj koo and Samurai Ballers after our last performance on sunday. Fun night!

Radio Promo

Nov 26,2013

Went to Kurume City for the first time today to promote my single at Dreams FM76.5Mhz. Thank you for the support!!

Magazine interview.

Nov 21,2013

ヨーロッパNo.1アーバンマガジンYORAPSにインタビューが掲載されました!チェックアウト!I got featured in Europe’s #1 urban magazine ,“Yo Raps"  Check out my exclusive interview here! —->

Performance Recap

Nov 20,2013

先週末のパフォーマンス風景. Photos from Me and Risa’s performance this past weekend. It was a hyped crowd!

Nov 14,2013

シングル”ダズント・ミーン・アイム・ロスト Feat RISA KUMON"
全世界でデジタルリリースしました!!引き続きオフィシャルミュージックビデオ&1st EPももうすぐリリース!!ステイチューン!(^^)
Poster for the Worldwide digital release for my single 
“Doesn’t mean i’m lost”. Official video and EP will be dropping very soon! Stay tuned!

Nov 2,2013

pictures from one of my performances this past weekend in Okinawa. S/o to Club garden for bringing me out as a surprise special guest. I had fun.

Roro x Risa Radio interview with Typhoon Fm in Okinawa, Japan

Nov 2,2013


Recent interview Risa and i had in Okinawa, Japan. S/o to Fm Typhoon for the continuous support. 


131025HIP HOPアーティストRORO、シンガーRISA インタビュー
2013年10月25日 更新

Nov 2,2013

Finally Back in Okinawa!

It’s been a while since i’ve been back and even though i went for performances and my Radio interview, I still had some fun while there. These are a couple of pictures from my time back in Oki. 

Oct 15,2013

2nd Event with Hfactor in Sasebo, Japan. it was a great event!

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