Nov 2,2013

Finally Back in Okinawa!

It’s been a while since i’ve been back and even though i went for performances and my Radio interview, I still had some fun while there. These are a couple of pictures from my time back in Oki. 

Oct 15,2013

2nd Event with Hfactor in Sasebo, Japan. it was a great event!

Oct 15,2013

Performed twice with Risa and Tabo’s Band at the sunset Jazz fest then at brownies later that night. Its always fun performing with a live band.

Oct 15,2013

Recap from the Hfactor event at Pastoral Hall in Iwakuni, Japan. Risa and i had a great performance yesterday then Terumasa Hino suddenly brought me and Risa out to perform with him and the band in the middle of his show. it was the best adrenaline rush ever!! Thank you to everyone involved in the event. It was amazing! 

Oct 15,2013

Short Television interview Risa and I did with TVS. I upload it online for anyone who didn’t get a chance to see it live. It aired 9/30/2013. 

Oct 15,2013

Recap from my birthday. Just some pictures from it all. 

Oct 15,2013

Tv and Radio promo for our show with Terumasa Hino, Jino, and Dj Honda. Busy week

Oct 15,2013

Recap from My show in Kumamoto. S/O to Keishow and everyone in Kumamoto for the hospitality and support! 

Sep 25,2013

10月6日岩国パストラルホールにて開催される"h factor"にRISAとRORO
Risa and I perform with Dj Honda and Terumasa Hino at Pastoral Hall next month on Oct 6th in Iwakuni, Japan.

Sep 22,2013

今週末の大阪は最高だった!Great weekend in Osaka. I had a lot of fun performing for the Kansai music conference special at Bar One. S/O to Minami Boyz for always showing us a good time.

Sep 22,2013

Pictures from the “X on the Beach” 2 day beach festival. The event was exciting, and Fun and I am happy i was able to be apart of it. 

Sep 12,2013

Pictures from my last event.

昨日はホテルヨーロッパにてRisaとパフォーマンス!ミュージックビデオ近日リリースにつき、ビデオを初公開!大好評でとっても嬉しかった!!沢山のサポートありがとうございました!! Risa and I performed and had a private screening, showing my new video for the first time last night. It felt good to hear and see the crowds reaction because it just showed all the hard work put into it all was worth it. Thank you all for your continuous support!! I will be releasing the video soon!! 

Aug 23,2013

**RORO&RISA 出演イベント告知**
9/14.15 クラブエックス主催野外イベント "X ON THE BEACH 2013" 
Risa and I will be performing at the 2 day Beach festival event, “X on the Beach” next month. Its going to be a great 2 day Beach event so if your in Fukuoka or the kyushu area then you can’t miss it! Event Info below.↓↓↓↓
X on the Beach2013
Chingy, Dj unk and Left side will be in Fukuoka on sep 14 and 15 for x on the beach. 

Held rain or shine

OPEN 10:00 
CLOSE 21:00
Sea side Momochi park 
※behind yahoo dome

1DAY 5000yen
2DAY Ticket 8000yen
1DAY 6000yen
2DAY Ticket 10000yen

【Where to buy tickets】
・Ticket Pia
P-CODE 210-305

Aug 23,2013

昨日開催された「浴衣でモエ・エ・シャンドン」とてもゴージャスなパーティーでした!(*^3^)y♪♪.. Pictures from the Yukata de Moet&Chandon event. It was my first time performing in a Yukata. Pretty fun experience! 

Aug 9,2013

NYで活躍中のJazz pianist 大林武司に出会った。Met with popular japanese pianist,Takeshi Ohbayashi. He just came back from New York and he will be touring and performing in different parts of Japan this week. He’s a very talented musician.

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