Road To Success Banners are everywhere!

Sep 29,2014

These are a couple of screenshots that were sent to me 
of my album being promoted with tower Records banners on many websites like, Hmv and many more.Thank you all for continuing to support my album. If you haven’t got it yet you can get it in any major music store throughout Japan or order it online from itunes, Google play, Amazon or anywhere music is sold worldwide.

アルバム「ロードトゥーサクセス」インターネット上からも公表発売中!!送られてきたいくつかのバーナーを紹介!タワレコ、Yahoo, HMV, iTunes, Google play, Amazonなどから、オーダーまたはダウンロードできるよ!詳しくはHPにアクセス!HP:

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