Dec 3,2012

Had fun with all the dj’s and Friends last night. They know how to party and have a good time!

Dec 3,2012

I went to Groove one music studio for the first time and Wada-San introduced me to Iguchi-San. He built this studio from the ground up. They are great engineers and great people. I love meeting new people.

Oct 11,2012

Chilled with Dj Ta-shi and Cutmaster Seiji last night. Dj Ta-shi is one of the original hip-hop pioneer dj’s in japan since he won the Dmc champion in 1992. Its inspiring to see him still going strong with music after all these years.

Oct 6,2012

New music video coming soon!
Screenshot pics of scene from my music video.

Sep 27,2012

I would like to thank everyone that came out to support me at my music video shoot on all days. I really appreciate it! I hope everyone had a great time! More to come! Stay tuned!!!

Picture from my video shoot. Roof Top scene. photos by Kohki.

Sep 27,2012

Me and Wada San in the studio during this typhoon in okinawa. This typhoon won’t stop nothing! Lol..

Sep 27,2012

Risa and I had a Radio interview yesterday in yokohama. it is the most fun I ever had while doing a interview. Thank you to Mr. Borutaren You And Mr.Yuuichi Ikegami for showing us a good time. I will let everyone know when the interview will air on the radio.

Sep 27,2012

Thank you Tamura and Goya for the great Radio interview! We always appreciate your support! Picture from Fm Naha.


今回はオペラ歌手の田村 邦子さんの番組「マジカルミステリーツアー」に初出演☆独特な沖縄ならではのトーク内容でした!田村さんからのお言葉♪「ROROとは初対面の気がしない」そして「RISAは雰囲気が日本人っぽくない」頂きました!笑 



Sep 27,2012

I will be opening up for T-pain Japan Tour Thursday September 27 At Namura Hall in Okinawa Japan. This is going to be a great event so everybody should come!
For Ticket info: English/Japanese speaker call 080-3843-7345

Sep 1,2012

This is a old picture of me at a popular radio station in Orlando, Florida, 102Jamz. This was one of my first radio interview’s back in 2004. I was 16 years old.

Aug 6,2012


Aug 6,2012


Roro Feat Risa Kumon- Doesn’t Mean I’m lost

Produced By Roro

Copyright © 2003-2013 Ramsey Records , Inc. All Rights Reserved.

LighterPlus Magazine Feature

Jul 16,2012

Me and Risa in LighterPlus Magazine, Check it out here—–>

I'm featured on the IndiesJam2012 compilation CD

Jul 16,2012
Me and Risa are featured on the Japan IndiesJam 2012 compilation album!
This cd features some of the best indies artistes in japan. It is a official
release so You can find the cd in TSUTAYA, HMV, TOWER RECORD, iTunes Store, Amazon, 楽天, and
every major record store throughout Japan!
More info at [Indies jam HP]→
Online store-

Pictures from My Radio interview at HappyFm(FM87.3)

Jul 16,2012

Shout out to HappyFm and everyone who tuned in and listened! Also congrats to the winner of the free cd. I hope you enjoy it. =D

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