Dj Jazzy Jeff on R2 RADIO

Jul 31,2020

2015年にフラッシュバック!東京で開催されたDJの世界大会”Redbull Thre3style”で来日していた大御所DJ、「DJ Jazzy Jeff」とのインタビューをお送りします!RISAの翻訳・解説付きでDJの巨匠から頂いた素晴らしいお話をしっかりお届けします!DJのみならず、何かを目指している人にお勧めの為になるエジュケイショナルなエピソードです!お楽しみに!On this episode of R2 RADIO we released a flashback interview we did with The magnificent DJ JAZZY JEFF! Since this year’s RedBull Thr3style competition just concluded, we thought it’ll only be right to play this throwback interview from when Jazzy Jeff was in Tokyo judging for the completion. We had a great discussion on his outlook on the new generation of Dj’n, His production process and more! This interview only broadcasted on the airwaves in Japan, But for the first time, We’re broadcasting it to the world. So be sure to tune in to R2 RADIO on the Pharcyde Tv Network! Airtime info below!


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Shot in Tokyo, Japan Produced By Roro

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