Dj Jazzy Jeff on R2 RADIO

Oct 5,2015

[R2RADIO Special Guest: Dj Jazzy Jeff]
今夜のR2RADIOはInterFM897リニューアル記念スペシャル”Out of Studio”
R2RADIOがRedbull Studio Japan から Dj Jazzy Jeffのインタビューを新しくなったInterFM897からオンエア!!しかもRISAのフル翻訳付!!今夜0時”R2RADIO” InterFM89.7Mhzにチューンイン!!
Tonight’s R2 RADIO show is a out of the studio special radio interview with Dj Jazzy Jeff at RedBull Studios in Tokyo, Japan! Tonight’s show will also be the first time our show will broadcast from the NEW Interfm89.7Mhz frequency so you’ll be able to not only listen to us in the same places as before but in more places with crystal clear sound! We have a great show lined up for you all so be sure to tune into R2 RADIO tonight on Interfm89.7Mhz

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