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Sep 3,2018

[R2Radio 新Ep3は8月3日お昼12時放送]
新エピソード3では、D-METプロダクツの代表であり起業家、ダンサー、開発者の”クスノキ・ダイゴ”さんがR2RADIOに登場!初の開発プロジェクトのウェアラブル楽器ガジェット”Sound Moovz”についてデモンストレーションも含めて紹介してくれます!ダンスと楽器ガジェットが融合するとどうなるの!?
気になる方はぜひ番組をお見逃しなく!This week on R2 RADIO we have Dmet Products CEO, entrepreneur, dancer and tech engineer Daigo Kusunoki
on the show! Daigo Kusunoki stopped by R2 Radio to talk about His first innovation, SoundMoovz. SoundMoovz is a motion-activated device that makes music from your dance movements. Daigo Tells us about his journey and talks about how he went from nothing to getting his product in stores around the world and selling more than 400,000 units in more than 17 countries. This is a fun and exciting interview so be sure to tune in to episode 3 of R2 RADIO this week on the Pharcyde Tv Network.

Japan: Aug. 3 (Fri)12:00(JST)
USA: Aug. 2 (Thur)20:00 (PDT)~

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